Emails from Abroad, Part One

Long before the inception of The Mochilera Diaries, I kept record of my travel experiences through a series of titanic emails to friends and family that my dear, sweet brother could only describe as transcendent long-winded. (Let’s be real, he didn’t even read them.)

These emails spanned my entire stay in Southeast Asia as well as the first 5 months of my time in Latin America.  Why I didn’t decide to start a blog sooner, I’ll never know.

In an effort to preserve these memories in one coherent location along with my more recent adventures, I present to you the first installment in the series entitled “Emails from Abroad.”

I’ve scoured my gmail account and recovered the long-lost letters and, in order to keep things short and sweet (for the brother who doesn’t even read my blog), I will be publishing only the most interesting/entertaining snippets here.  Hope you enjoy!

Part One

From my very first email to my family upon arrival in Koh Phangan, Thailand, November 7th, 2011  

“The trip went smoothly for the most part.  Biggest hiccup was that I managed to lose that tiny tiny brand new ipod on the flight from Seoul to Bangkok, so I am now essentially music-less during travel, but this place is actually so beautiful that at the moment I couldn’t really care less.  Lesson I learned is never buy the world’s smallest electronic device and expect to be able to keep track of it.  Never again buying something so itty-bitty.*  But after 12 hrs flying to Seoul, 3.5 hrs in the Seoul airport, 5.5 hrs flying to Bangkok, 5 more hrs waiting around in the ENORMOUS bangkok airport (after finally finding Addy**), a 1 hr flight to Koh Samui, 3 hrs waiting for a water taxi, and an hr waiting in the middle of the ocean for another boat to bring us fuel when our taxi’s tank ran out of gas, we FINALLY made it to Koh Phangan with two boys with accents (aussie and a brit) in tow.  The taxi ride was made quite bearable by the liter beers we each bought to drink on the way…amazing the buzz you can get when you haven’t eaten a thing in 9 hrs or so. 

“Anyway, it is currently 5:30 am and my internal clock is so messed up that I am wide awake and about to go down to the beach to locate my friends, who have been up all night.  Everyone arrived yesterday evening so it’s really good to be with the whole group, I think there are 18 of us altogether.”***

5am beach scene

the 5am beach scene

*I bought the exact same ipod when I got back to the US.  I obviously learned nothing.

**Addy is my best friend from home and my original travel buddy; she will feature prominently in this series (the blonde babe in the photo above).

***It’s worth mentioning that traveling with a group of 18 people is never a good idea.  Hindsight, why you gotta be like that?

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Hey! I'm Leah. I'm a solo traveler letting my heart lead me around the world, one country at a time. I've taught English in Thailand, climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge, gone skydiving in Argentina, and marveled at the ruins at Machu Picchu (twice!). I love maps, strong coffee, good wine and warm climates. For even more travel talk and inspiration, you can follow my adventures on Twitter or Instagram.
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