Emails from Abroad #2

Email to my mom, written from a hotel in Bangkok, November 15th, 2011

“The full moon party was nothing short of ridiculous.  And to make it worse (better?), every night leading up to the party was a smaller version of the real thing, so people were all over the beach until dawn for several nights in a row…I ended up getting some kind of 24 hr bug and spent the day immediately before the party in bed, projectile vomiting and trying just to rehydrate and keep water in my stomach.  Luckily I was feeling better for the actual party and was able to hang until the sun came up.  Quite a surreal experience.  Oh, and it also caused the casualty of electronic device number two.  My camera didn’t make it, but I got a bunch of good pictures before I soaked it in the ocean at dawn.

“We left Koh Phangan on the 12th for Koh Samui and spent two nights there, partying in an enormous club one night and taking it easy the next.  I managed to get a picture of an entire family on a scooter* while we were there, in a town called Chewang, per Tyler’s request.  After Samui, we took an early morning flight back to Bangkok, where we are currently.

“Bangkok has probably been the most interesting place we’ve been so far.  The traffic is terrible, and cars seem to make up their own laws, creating lanes that don’t exist and taking u-turns at will, among other things.  They also don’t take too kindly to pedestrians.  The street we are staying on is jam-packed with vendors, selling delicious food and all kinds of cheap clothes.  The guys can’t walk 10 feet without being asked if they want a tailored suit (or the girls for that matter “your boyfriend need suit?”).  I’m glad we came and saw it for a short time, but Bangkok is not my cup of tea.”

My first full moon party.  Ridiculous isn't a strong enough word.

On my deathbed one day, this the next.

*Family of four; as I would later find out, that wasn’t even impressive.

In case you missed it: Part One

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